Gameswell is an indie publishing company based in Seattle, Washington led by Thomas Cardwell. After a successful Kickstarter for a book of card games, we're excited to grow this little project into something more. Thanks for being here!

Thomas playing cards at a picnic table.

Thomas Cardwell


Gameswell began as a way to ease my eyes after days of staring at screens for work. I got into board games as a hobby, backed too many Kickstarters, and started paying attention to what I wanted out of a game. That grew into designing, playtesting, and learning from my first game, then creating my debut published project, "PNW: Card Games Inspired by the Pacific Northwest," a collection of six modern games playable with a standard deck of cards.

I'm currently most excited about beautiful games that offer a simple framework for deep decision-making. You may see more games from me that align with that. Thanks for stopping by! Feel free to get in touch with any questions you might have about the shop, or check out my blog for more musings.

- Thomas